First Post, Worst Post

Dear Internet Users,

If you are looking for Rob Zappulla, the singer/trumpet player, you are in the wrong place. But, you can stay if you would like, no judgment. (Ok, a little judgment). This is the very first post in this blog of mine, which I have to start to “brand myself” for my Communication class. And I guess I have to start now, because my “brand” will never be as cool as when I’m eighteen going on nineteen. I am currently sitting in the hallway outside my room, afraid of entering because of the noises coming from within. After YouTube spiraling into watching “Saddest LOST Moments (season 1-5),” I figured I should be productive. And so, I have decided to start “branding myself” to my future employers. I think all I need right now is Passion Fruit Capri Sun, and I’d say I’m hirable.

Ideally, this blog will be a television-centric blog, where I can post my reactions to episodes and news about everything and anything on TV. Feel free to suggest shows for me to keep an eye out for, and I’ll respond!


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