NEW GIRL Throws a Bachelorette Party


One of the most consistently funny shows on television right now is Fox’s New Girl and this week’s episode was no exception.

This week, we were invited to Cece’s bachelorette party, but of course we knew it wouldn’t run smoothly. Technically, Cece never asked Jess to throw her a party – let alone be her maid of honor – but Zooey Deschanel’s self-proclaimed “adorkable” character pulled together a party with the help of Cece’s model friends. However, things took a turn for the worst when Cece’s future mother-in-law decided to accompany Cece, who assumed she would just stop in to her friend’s apartment to say hi and grab a CD.

Needless to say, she was not too pleased when Jess initiated the playing of “Pin the Dong on Shivrang” (accompanied by a revealing cardboard cut-out of her fiancée).

Meanwhile, the guys were in charge of distracting the groom. Nick, who was using his “dead dad pass” sulked in a dark yellow jumpsuit, prompting comparisons to “a homeless pencil” and “Jane Lynch,” the menacing gym teacher from Glee.

With Cece panicking about her sporadic wedding (namely that she hasn’t seen Shivrang naked), Jess enlists the guys to take a picture of his penis before the end of the night. After many fruitless attempts, they send Jess a picture of Nick’s, and she shows it to a relieved Cece – and her future mother-in-law.

Soon enough, the guys return to set things straight, and the engaged couple decides to hold off on the wedding for a little longer, making Schmidt hopeful.

During the episode, Schmidt had been asking his various ex-girlfriends to accompany him as a plus-one to the wedding, all of whom turned him down. His one long-term girlfriend, Elizabeth, scolded him for losing weight and becoming the selfish jerk the audience has come to love to hate. This sparked Schmidt to apologize to Cece for not being the best boyfriend.

One thing about this show that distinguishes itself from other comedies on the air is that it has a consistent plotline. They referenced Nick’s dad’s funeral and Nick and Jess’s middle-school-esk romance. Other shows rarely carry a plot from episode-to-episode, which makes it hard for a character to develop.

The show was picked up for its third season in February, along with its Tuesday nighttime slot pair, The Mindy Project, which has been slumping in terms of ratings.

A bit of a side tangent here, but people have to start watching these two shows, or else they will face the same fate as Fox’s old comedy, Arrested Development, which the network refused to air for a comeback season. The show, which had produced multiple Emmy awards and nominations, will return exclusively to Netflix for a fourth and final season on May 26th.


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