If you’re like me, then you spend more time looking for shows to add on your Netflix Instant Queue than you do actually watching shows on the site. After a long spiral search, I stumbled upon The Catherine Tate Show, a collection of sketches from the British comedian, Catherine Tate.

Like the popular American sketch comedy show Portlandia, this show is full of slap-stick, quirky bits that exaggerate everyday occurrences.

Her recurring characters, such as the wildly hypocritical grandmother, Nan, and the jumpy woman, Margaret, Tate keeps the laughs coming.

With quick, half-hour episodes and non-existent plot line, this is an easy show to pick up and watch on the fly with Netflix.

After this show ended in 2007, Catherine Tate moved on to other television programs, like Doctor Who, and finally ended up as a series regular on The Office in 2011 and will stay on until the show’s finale.


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