VEEP Premiere: Midterms


After weeks on the midterm campaign trail, Selina Meyer and her staff are back in the office for the season 2 premiere.

It’s the night of the midterm elections, so the office is packed with analysts crunching numbers to determine the results of the various gubernatorial and congressional races. Per usual, Selina is focused on her job and her job alone, where as her staff members have other priorities.

Amy receives a call that her dad has had a stroke, but the Veep talks her into staying, reminding her how important the midterms are – a jab at our current political system.

Gary, played by Arrested Development’s Tony Hale, flaunts his acquisition of a girlfriend named Dana and never misses a chance to mention her in conversation. His goal for this episode is to locate the Veep’s red lipstick – but chaos ensues.

Mike is once again down in the dumps. After buying a defective boat, he is left with a money problem that has him betting left and right around the office.

Dan is on edge the whole night after receiving a call from gubernatorial hopeful Roger Furlong, who threatens to expose Dan’s corrupt past if he loses the race. However, it’s a win-win for Dan, as Furlong loses the election, but the House also changes parties, leaving him a powerless figure in politics.

Special guest star Gary Cole (Office Space) plays the senior strategist for the POTUS, Kent Davis, who the Veep describes as “a thick rubber condom” between her and the president and all she wants is “unprotected access to the Oval Office!”

The Veep, meanwhile, is trying to build a case for herself to convince the president to give her more power over various executive affairs. One of the strategists finds that voters in the states where she spoke on the campaign trail were more likely to support the administration, so she jumps on that fact without reading into the details.

While making her case, she is interrupted by one of the statisticians who confirms a mere 0.9% increase in approval in the states where she spoke, causing her to throw a tantrum – and her tube of lipstick at Kent. The cosmetic tube ricochets off the strategist’s face and explodes on the floor of the Oval Office, creating yet another scandal.

In the end, Selina is able to convince Kent to ask the POTUS for more of a say in the administration and he agrees by giving her control of foreign affairs. In exchange, however, he forces the sleep-deprived Veep to participate in the dreaded morning talk shows, where she humiliates herself with her answers.

In responding to a question, she reminds the nation that, “We are the United States of America because we are united…we are states…and we are of America.” Be sure to catch Veep on HBO every Sunday night at 10pm.


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