No TV Time in the Midst of Boston Terror


If you’ve been a dedicated fan of my posts and have been wondering why there have been very few posts as of late, I apologize. As a student of Boston University, I have been quite literally in the midst of the Boston Marathon Bombing panic, followed by the murder of an MIT police officer and a manhunt in Watertown. I had been intensely following the story as it broke from the time I was at Mile 25.8 on the day of the bombings until Friday evening when the celebrations erupted in Boston upon the capturing of the suspect. That being said, I have had very little TV viewing time apart from the news.

Now, I am approaching the end of the spring semester and am bogged down in group projects and finals studying. I hope to keep this blog active in the coming weeks but will definitely have it fully-functional come summer time – especially with Breaking Bad and Dexter coming back for their final installments. I hope that you continue to enjoy my blog! And bookmark it!




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