PARKS AND REC Season or Series Finale?


It was to my surprise that I tuned in to tonight’s episode of Parks and Recreation to discover that it would be its last for the season. Usually, shows end in mid-May, but with Community mid-mid-season start of sorts, it only seems fair/profitable for NBC to air all of their produced episodes. However, Leslie Knope and the gang in the Parks Department go out with a bang.

The time has come for Pawnee’s annual Founders’ Week Parade, which ironically has never occurred in the show’s five-season run.

In order to prepare for the celebrations, the gang heads up to Ron’s cabin house in the woods to brainstorm what makes Pawnee so special to its residents. The morning after, however, Andy makes a discovery that lets the Bert Macklin inside of him come out – a positive pregnancy test. Throughout the episode, he makes it his (and Ann’s) mission to discover who’s it is.

Meanwhile, Tom is approached by a lawyer whose anonymous client wishes to buy out Rent-a-Swag, leaving him with the difficult decision on whether or not to sell his blooming business.

In City Hall, members of the community congregate to declare their grievances over the excessive amounts of regulations that have been wrought upon them since Leslie has taken office. Amongst the crowd is Brandie Maxx, who praises Leslie for making Pawnee more porn-friendly.

At the Founders’ Week Parade, Chris is named Pawnee’s Nipple King while the Committee to Recall Leslie Knope halts the procession with chants of “Recall Knope!”

Meanwhile, Andy interrogates Leslie and Donna and comes up empty. Tom about the pregnancy test, worrying that it could be Mona Lisa’s. When he realizes that the brand is “Womb There It Is!” his suspicions are confirmed – only for Mona Lisa to “Psych!” him yet again.

Quickly, Andy realizes that the only woman he has yet to question is his wife, April, who we see receive a mysterious phone call at the beginning of the episode. When asked if she’s pregnant, she is disgusted and responds with the greatest line of episode:

“I want to wait until we’re fifty and then we can adopt a set of adult twins from Armenia.”

She does reveal to Andy that the phone call she received was vet school in Bloomington accepting her application and the two of them rejoice.

The episode ends with a discouraged Andy still unsure of whose pregnancy test it is….and in walks Ron’s girlfriend Diane who needs to talk in private. Andy’s face? Priceless.

As you may or may not be aware (or if you didn’t read my title), this could have been the last episode of Parks and Rec – they have yet to be renewed for a sixth season. That being said, this episode reminded me of the Seinfeld series finale in that Leslie was revisited by members of the community that have taken issue with her policy changes, much like how the characters from Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George’s past come to testify against them in court.

So what am I supposed to think? Should I be looking forward to another season or should I not give my hopes up? My life is such a struggle.


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