MAD MEN Have Mothers, Too


In the latest episode, the ensemble celebrates Mother’s Day in typical Mad Men fashion: sex and alcohol.

While Don takes Megan and her mother on a suicide dinner with a Jaguar representative, Roger plays the “my-mother-just-died” card (a nice trade off from New Girl’s Nick’s “dead dad” card) to get with his new beau Daisy, whose profession as a flight attendant helps him land a meeting with Chevrolet.

Meanwhile, Pete tries to woo Trudy with a surprise visit, but after declaring an informal separation she was not having any of it. With his sexual needs unfulfilled, Pete heads over to a whorehouse where he bumps into none other than his own father-in-law. Clearly, the two of them are doing their best to please the women in their life on this special day.

Down the street, Peggy has just returned from visiting her mom when she begins complaining about all of the repairs that will need to go into their new apartment. From early on in this episode, we get the idea that she is getting fed up with her good-for-nothing boyfriend, Abe.

In the midst of all the Mother’s Day drama, where is Betty? Well, I don’t know because the writers don’t feel the need to keep the Francis household’s storyline moving at a consistent pace with the rest of the show. Makes me mad.

In the office, Joan, Pete, and Cooper conspicuously put the final touches on making SCDP a publically-traded corporation, but Pete lets the cat out of the bag in a fit of rage as he goes off on Don for losing the Jaguar account. There to save the day, however, is Roger, who announces the upcoming meeting with Chevy. Quickly, Don assembles the over-zealous creatives to begin their pitch.

Over at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough, Peggy is getting cozy with her boss, Chaough, who discovers that his business partner, Gleason (played by the dad from Phil of the Future), has terminal cancer.

Don heads out to Detroit for the big pitch with Chevy and runs into Chaough in an airport bar. The two of them drunkenly give their pitches to each other and come to the conclusion that Chevvy won’t want either of them because they are both too small of companies. So, Don suggests a merge.

The next day, they mutually pitch their idea to Chevy… and they take the bate.

The episode closes on Peggy walking into her boss’ office, only to find Don waiting for her with his first task for her – to draft a memo to the city of New York announcing the merger of Sterling Cooper Draper Price and Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough.

I have a feeling that all hell will break loose next episode. Joan is already having an existential crisis after she realizes that her sexual escapade last season amounted to nothing but a title. Pete nearly tumbled down the stairs in his furious tirade against Don. I have a strong, foreboding feeling that someone is going to lose their life to that staircase – much like how in Breaking Bad, Ted stumbles over his carpet in one episode and then takes a digger into the wall in the following episode, paralyzing him forever.

So, who will fall victim to the staircase? Only time will tell. 


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