Netflix Pick: THE KILLING


Recently, I’ve started to watch AMC’s critically acclaimed series, The Killing, which hopes to answer the question, “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” Although I’m only five episodes deep, I have some strong feelings (both good and bad) about this drama.

Set in the dismal wasteland that is Seattle, WA, the show revolves around three intertwined stories – the police investigation, the Larsen family, and the Darren Richmond campaign for mayor. While I give the show credit for trying to give equal time to each of the three stories, I really only care about the police investigation.

The about-to-retire Agent Sarah Linden (Emmy nominee Mireille Enos) and her soon-to-be-replacement Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) track down lead after lead to find who killed Rosie Larsen. Their relationship defies all previous cop partnerships, straying away from the clichéd “good cop, bad cop” mantra.

Linden, who is engaged to be married in sunny Sonoma, keeps delaying her departure to California to be with her fiancé, which gives her son some more time to spend in his beloved harbor. Her stone cold demeanor and judgmental eyebrow raises cover up her broken interior – which has been alluded to but not yet explained. Holder, on the other hand, is a goof. Never speaking with grammatical accuracy and dressing like a thug, nobody seems to appreciate his contributions to the investigation.

All the while, we get glimpses into the Larsen’s household and Darren Richmond’s campaign for mayor, neither of which I care about.

The Larsen’s have mourned for five straight episodes. I understand that the loss of their daughter must be tragic and induce perpetual grief, but after one bed-wetting and another uncontrollable crying fit, I’ve seen enough.

Similarly, Richmond’s mayoral campaign is very cyclical. So far, the only connection Richmond has to Rosie’s murder is that her body was found in the trunk of one of his company cars, which had been reported stolen days before the killing. However, his plot is centered on finding a mole in his office, which I, again, don’t care about.

Regardless, I continue to click “Play Next Episode.” Someone should look into Netflix addiction, because I think it’s a thing… but that’s a conversation for another day.

The Killing returns to AMC for its third season June 2, joining Mad Men to make an all-star Sunday line-up.


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