Flashback: My “Red Wedding” Reaction


Before I had my wisdom teeth surgery, I binged on Game of Thrones like so many Americans do on the daily. However, before embarking on my journey to the medieval lands of Westeros and Essos, Twitter spoiled something that I would come to know (and hate) as “The Red Wedding,” from Season 3, Episode 9’s now-imfamous episode, “The Rains of Castamere.” Knowing the spoiler, I thought I was ready for the brutal massacre of some of our beloved characters, but, alas, I was still caught off guard. Here is the series of events that transpired, reenacted by my friends…

First, I realized that I was about to watch “The Red Wedding” episode. Clearly, I was excited.


Then, the scene came. I noticed a guard in the background close and lock the hall doors. What’s gonna happen?


Then, the killing started.


Followed by more killing.


By the end of it, I didn’t know how to express my emotions. The result looked a little like this:


But, when I finally finished my tantrum and calmed down, I realized how great of an episode it truly was.


3 thoughts on “Flashback: My “Red Wedding” Reaction

  1. Im going to watch episode 9 today after work! Just saw episode 8 before bed! even if i know whats going to happen because i read the books! i still sit like i’m glued to the screen! 🙂


  2. I don’t watch the show, so forgive my possibly ignorance, but how can anything truly be surprising and shocking on this show when the books the show is based on have been out for years? Sure there are people who haven’t read the books and are experiencing everything for the first time by watching the show, but the reaction to this episode in particular seemed particularly ridiculous.


    • There’s surprisingly a large disconnect between the book readers and the show watchers, particularly because the book sales just started going up mid-way through the show’s second season (this can be attributed to award shows and whatnot bumping the ratings). Also, the books are about 800+ pages, which is a daunting task for most, whereas series like Harry Potter started short and progressively expanded as its audience expanded. To put it simply – not enough people have read the books for the “Red Wedding” to become a spoiler.


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