DEXTER Has “A Beautiful Day”


Last night was the night – the eighth and final season premiere of the Showtime phenomenon Dexter. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past eight years, the show follows Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood spatter analyst at Miami Metro Police in the Homicide Department, who abides by a strict moral code set up by his foster father to quench his thirst to kill.

Last season, Dexter’s sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), finds out about his “dark passenger” and her guilty conscience tips her life out of balance, causing her to take her first life, that of her Captain, Maria LaGuerta.

Season eight jumps six months forward from the fateful day in the shipping container, and it’s “A Beautiful Day.” Deb has moved on from Miami Metro and serves as a private detective for a consulting firm and Harrison, Dexter’s three-year-old son, is talking now – which will definitely come to bite him in the butt.

Miami Metro’s new case is that of a serial killer who cuts into his victim’s brain post-mortem and scoops out the anterior insular cortex, which is the part of the brain that controls empathy – something that psychopaths don’t possess. Deputy Chief Matthews, who has taken LaGuerta’s death as a sign to come out of retirement, has called in Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), a famed neuropsychiatrist, to consult on this very gruesome case.

After a few run-ins with Deb and a fit of unwarranted road rage, Dexter chats with Vogel about the killer’s motive, where she proceeds to question Dexter extensively on the Bay Harbor Butcher. She admits that the killer is likely to be one of her former patients, though she does not say whom.

Later, Dexter finds himself in the middle of Deb’s drug bust, and in one of his animalistic rages, he stabs and kills Deb’s perp, only this time he doesn’t meticulously cocoon him in plastic wrap.

At the end of the episode, Vogel passes by Dexter and hands him a sealed envelope; enclosed in it are disturbing drawings from his youth. Immediately, Dexter pounces on her, but the unflinching Vogel simply spits out, “You can’t kill me… I don’t fit Harry’s code.” Consider my jaw dropped.

Once again, the supporting cast lagged, and has been lagging for the past few seasons. After both critical and viewer complaints about the unnecessary side stories for the various members of Miami Metro, the writers lumped Quinn in with the Batista clan, as he’s now seeing Jamie, unbeknownst to her brother Angel, who gave up the whole restaurant gig after LaGuerta’s death sparked his passion for law enforcement.

Regardless, I still have great prospects for the final season, as the Dexter/Deb relationship is flawlessly portrayed by the real-life divorced couple of Hall and Carpenter. With only eleven episodes left, what do you think will happen? Will Dexter get caught? Will he change his ways for Harrison? Will Angel die (fingers crossed)?


3 thoughts on “DEXTER Has “A Beautiful Day”

  1. Thanks for the follow on my blog! I am a dedicated Dexter fan, and your summary of last night’s episode was spot on! I cannot wait to see where this last season takes the show. I do not know if Dexter will get caught, but I don’t see him ever doing prison time. I don’t think he would survive behind bars (and it would be a really bad ending for the show). My initial assumptions before this last season began were that one of two things would happen: Dexter would get killed, or that he would end up being forced somehow to relocate to continue his “work” …maybe the west coast?

    There is a lot of speculation about Vogel. From what I could piece together, the drawings that she handed him were his from early childhood. I assume that when Harry found those drawings, he contacted Vogel, and as a result she may have instructed Harry to teach Dexter “the code” …but many think that she may be the new serial killer this season. I’m quite anxious to see how it will all play out!

    Now, I am going to snoop around your blog and check out the other shows you have posted about! Cheers!


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