A Word on CAMP


After watching NBC’s latest failure of a dramedy, Camp, I am convinced that the network will need to take a few more years to rebrand itself after losing The Office and 30 Rock this past year. And if they continue in the Hannibal/Dracula direction, I don’t think I would be too happy.

Camp follows the various adventures and mishaps of Little Otter Family Camp (and I’m still not sold on the whole “family camp” aspect of the fictional summer getaway). I feel as though there’s a new breed of helicopter parents that actually go with their kids to camp. And this brings up another point: if parents are present, why is there a need for counselors and CITs? But, alas, this show is just not worth thinking too much about.

The thirteen episode season was filmed in its entirety in New South Wales, and the cast is primarily made up of Australian nationals – which makes me question why us Americans are subjected to its pure awfulness.


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