A Word on DEXTER Season 8


We’re four episodes into the eighth and final season of Showtime’s once-fan-favorite hit Dexter and I am not impressed. For starters, have the writers forgotten that the show is called “Dexter,” and not “Deb“? Because it seems to me that she has been the star of the show – taking away some precious kill time from everybody’s favorite serial killer. Or should I say, “everybody’s once-favorite serial killer,” because the show has sharply declined in its popularity and relevance. In the the show’s fourth season, The Trinity Killer had audiences on edge, climaxing with one of the greatest water cooler episodes (surpassed by Game of Thrones‘ “Red Wedding”), in which Dexter finds Rita dead in the bathtub only moments after indulging his urge with Trinity on the table.

What went wrong? Surely, the show needs to end, but at what price? By diluting the episodes with irrelevant and often repetitive Quinn and Jamie nonsense, we lose sight of how cutting-edge (pun intended) the show used to be. I guess Dexter’s just somebody that I used to know…


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7 thoughts on “A Word on DEXTER Season 8

  1. I haven’t watched 6 or 7 yet, due to the fact we got bored after watching 5. Too much non sense going on, and not enough Dexter time, like in the first couple of seasons. Now, I don’t look forward to getting caught up on that, too bad.


    • I really liked 6 because it followed the Doomsday Killer (he recreates scenes from the Book of Revelation AND was played brilliantly by Colin Hanks). So I recommend sticking with it for that season. The other two seasons have a very different feel, I guess. It’s like I feel obligated to keep on watching, ya know? But never forget how great the show used to be!


      • I do want to watch the rest, especially since this is the last season, but the slow parts discourage me. I did hear 6 is really good, but the trinity killer will probably always be my favorite. And I could always go back and watch the first few seasons over again. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Reflections and commented:
    Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to care for either Dexter or Deb this season. I found season 7 really interesting because there was a lot of development between Dexter and Deb after Deb learned that Dexter is a serial killer. After what happened in the last scene of season 7, I was expecting a lot more for season 8. However, with the introduction of Dr. Vogel, and Deb’s downward spiral, the show seems to be moving at snail’s pace. The show is dragging on with Quinn’s side plot and now Masuka’s side plot, but I really don’t care. Dexter’s weak spot has always been its supporting characters and side plots: they’ve always been sub-par and a lot less interesting than Dexter and his “Big Bag” plot line. And now, with the tension being as high as it is between Dexter and Deb, I care even less about the side plots and just want more development for Dex and Deb instead. I’m hoping the next few episodes will pick up.


  3. the price that will be paid by the show is that it wound up proving that it went off the rails by focusing too much on other characters that are irrelevant to the main point of the series. plus also will wend with dexter meeting jail or death..


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