THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con


In AMC’s summer intermission between the Mad Men finale and the Breaking Bad premiere, The Killing is just not cutting it for ratings. Cue last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, where the producers of The Walking Dead unveiled the trailer for the show’s fourth season. And by the looks of its production value, it looks like it should be put on the big screen. 

In the four minute, thirty-seven second trailer, we take a peek into the lives of our favorite survivors after taking in dozens of Woodbury refugees following the Governor’s temper-tantrum, in which he slaughters his own soldiers. Speaking of the Governor, there is no sign of him in the ad, which makes me question who this season’s antagonist will be.

For everyone’s sake, I hope Rick’s mid-life crisis of hearing/seeing ghosts is over, along with the days of Carl’s sheriff hat. I’m looking forward to Carol becoming a stronger, more central, as we see her teaching the next generation of zombie slayers how to wield knives.

With Andrea dead and gone (*tears*), the writers are certainly going to put more of a focus on Glenn and Maggie’s sex life, and will also start to sexualize the sixteen-year-old Beth. We see her canoodling with Daryl in the trailer, but the father/son duo of Rick and Carl both had their eyes on the farmer’s daughter.

As we saw in the third season finale, many of the Woodbury citizens are old and fragile, which makes me wonder if zombies will be the number one killer this season. Maybe the flu will spread in the close prison quarters – or the Spanish Flu (cue the highly anticipated Downton Abbey crossover episode).

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 13th. You can watch the Season 4 trailer here. 


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