TV Haikus

Two weeks gone, and to what avail? So I’ve decided to write haikus to make up for my lack of television blogging. This is cool, right?


Coach is back, thank God!

But Schmidt moved out, Cece’s sad.

Nick and Jess? In love.

“Temple Grandin” jokes,

A lot of diversity

For a show on Fox.


Mindy rebounds and

Makes a bro club for her friends.


Josh Peck guest stars, what?

Doc Reed’s dad? Charles Widmore.

Danny in the nude.


Cam and Mitch engaged,

Extravagance? No Pepper.

Prostitute downstairs.

Manny vs. Manny

Can they both win? But, of course!

Lily makes me laugh.


Nan and Christian boy,

Fiona kills new supreme,

Where’s your tongue, Spaulding?

Zombies attack house,

Who blinds Delia? Burn her!

Misty Day revives.


Edith’s pregnant. Yikes!

Mary rolls in the mud. Yikes!

Violet’s sick, then not.

Robert takes the states.

Bates learns truths about Anna,

Baxter’s the new spy.


Carrie pees on stick.

Plus? Whose? Saul goes duck hunting.

Random people die.

Dana changes name.

Moves out of the house, abrupt!

Where is Brody? Huh?


Who burned the bodies?

Carol. Sorrowful goodbye,

Alcohol poisons.

Flu plagues the prison;

Beth – no tears in this new world.

Carl should die soon.

Well, that was a fun segment, right? Let’s just look at this picture and laugh:


13 thoughts on “TV Haikus

  1. Can’t wait for Mindy Project to start up again in the UK. Been enjoying The Walking Dead, Homeland not as much, although its getting better. With Downton I always fastforward the storylines and characters I don’t like-such as the boring land disputes. Feel sorry for poor Edith she never catches a break.


    • This season of The Mindy Project has improved exponentially from season 1 – it actually has a direction and is very funny! I have the same feelings towards Homeland – Dana’s story has been holding back from us seeing what’s going on with Brody. As for Edith – I’m afraid she’ll never catch a break. I didn’t realize this was the season finale – excluding the Xmas Special, and I feel like there was so much left unsaid, like, why has Thomas has been manipulating Baxter?


      • Its a shame cause I think the actress playing Dana is quite good but they should just get rid of Brody’s family as they just distract from the main stories.


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