The Liebster Award

Hello fellow television enthusiasts!

I am pleased to announce that I have been nominated for The Liebster Award! Kind of like the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The Flim Culb has awarded me this cool sticker to put on my blog. So that’s cool, right?!


WordPress dictates that I must now nominate 11 more blogs for this shining achievement, so here they are in no particular order:

My Kind of Movie

In the Name of Li’l Sebastian

Pass the Remote

The Film Lad

My Life of Listing

Primetime Insider


Watch How I Soar

Brunch for Every Meal

Films etc.

Kate Campbell

Now I get to answer some questions. This could be fun, right?

What are your favorite:

1. Character (could be in film, literature, theatre, real life…. anything you like)
Right now, Claire Underwood from House of Cards is my favorite character, but Ben Linus from Lost is a close second.

2. Meal
A TV Dinner. Get it? Funny.

3. Sport (to play or simply watch)
I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics recently, and there’s something oddly thrilling about women’s cross country skiing…

4. Memory
Watching Lost with the fam every Wednesday night…then Thursday nights…the Tuesdays…then Sunday. They never could hold down a time slot, could they?

5. Holiday (Christmas, Easter, Halloween… you know the rest)
My birthday because I’m allowed to say “I don’t like birthdays” and then people can leave me alone for a full 24-hour period. Can’t wait for the next one.

6. Quote

7. Song 
I like the concept of the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette

8. Place 
A nice park bench.

9. Item of Clothing
Why is this a question? I like all my clothing equally, no discrimination.

10. Animal
I used to really like foxes. By “used to” I mean when I was in elementary school. Now that memory has been ruined by “What Does the Fox Say?”

11. Website
I enjoy a good ole Buzzfeed quiz as much as the next guy.  

Just like those super fun Facebook notes that threatened your life if you failed to follow all the instructions (aka the things we all used to do in middle school), repost this on your blog and nominate 11 of your favorite bloggers for this award and have them answer the same crop of questions! If you don’t, the boogeyman will eat your family and frame you in front of a jury of your peers #justice.

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