About Me

First and foremost, know that television is serious. It has been the cultural backbone of our nation for over the past fifty years and has begun to rival the esteemed literary cannon in terms of thematic and symbolic purposes. Recently, technological innovations have made many of these literate programs available to an even larger market, to the point that it’s seemingly impossible to watch everything. Everyday, we navigate the perilous minefield of spoilers. Let’s navigate it together.


I am a senior at Boston University, juggling between the College of Communication and the School of Management. You can find me watching TV in various spots on campus, pacing up and down Bay State Road on a snowy day listening to the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack, or DJing in the WTBU Radio studio. For bonus points, you can try to find me going solo to a Ra Ra Riot concert (it’s not as rare as it sounds).

Tune into WTBU Radio Tuesdays at noon to hear me on “In the Name of Li’l Sebastian,” playing the freshest indie jams in honor of Pawnee’s favorite son.

I’m member of Boston University’s only sketch & improv comedy group, The Callbacks.

In my other spare time I enjoy playing guitar, taking SnapChat videos of my dogs, and pretending I’m a member of Green Day.

Rob Zappulla


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