Pivot Brings PLEASE LIKE ME to the USA

Please Like Me

On August 1st, Participant Media launched their television network, Pivot, on various carriers in various demographic areas. The channel strives to change the way people view the world and it sticks to its motto “Pivot is TV for The New Greatest Generation.”

One of its acquired programs is the Australian comedy Please Like Me, which follows the painfully awkward life of Josh Thomas, a quirky twentysomething, who stars in and writes the show based on his own experiences and stand up material.

The Aussie brings the laughs in the shows pilot, entitled “Rhubarb & Custard,” in which Josh is dumped by his charming girlfriend, Claire, and finds himself questioning his own sexuality when his housemate’s co-worker comes over for dinner. To complicate matters, Josh receives a call from his father informing him that his mother is in the hospital after attempting to commit suicide. Throughout the whole ordeal, Josh is rather calm – a reflection of the show’s blasé attitude (in a good way). There is something refreshing about this show, accompanied by its cool filter (not the super awesome “cool,” but, like, the frosty vibe it gives off).

Josh Thomas possesses a star quality reminiscent of Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High), in that he makes pregnant pauses hysterical and recreates everyday banter in the context of a scripted show – a talent easier said than done. Thomas might even be nodding at Lilley in the final line of the pilot, in which his character comments on his own decision to move back in with his suicidal mother, saying, “I’m a modern day hero…. I’m almost definitely gunna win Australian of the Year for this,” the very award coveted by Lilley’s various characters in We Can Be Heroes.

You can watch the first episode of Please Like Me here and you can find Pivot on your local listings here.